4 Things That Can Help Moms in the Pandemic

The impact of 2020 on mothers has been astonishing. The mental load of living with so much uncertainty and disruption in way of life is taking a toll. Mothers are working from home, parenting children, trying to take care of themselves and keep their families safe and healthy. Others may be furloughed from work, suffering…

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asking questions about pregnancy loss

5 Top Questions Asked by Bereaved Parents

The one thing no parent ever plans for is becoming a bereaved one. As a bereaved parent, you’re suffering not just the loss of your baby, but also shattered hopes, dreams and expectations of becoming a parent. It’s not uncommon to have questions about the journey ahead in preparation for living as a bereaved parent.…

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Comparison traps in reproductive loss

Comparison Traps in Reproductive Loss

After many years of working with women who’ve experienced reproductive losses like miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility, I’ve seen the many faces of grief and it’s complicated. It doesn’t have a “look”. You can’t see it coming from afar or even up close for that matter. It’s all the more reason why we need to just…

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Coronavirus Tips for the Postpartum Mom

Without a doubt, this was not what you expected your postpartum experience to be like. You never imagined that you would be living as a postpartum mom during a worldwide health crisis. You had such high hopes for the beautiful bonding experience you imagined with your new baby. You wanted to connect with other new…

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COVID-19 Guide to Managing Anxiety

We are living in difficult times and have all been impacted in some way by what’s happening in our world. A public health crisis has raised anxiety for a lot of people. Anxiety and the immune system have an interesting relationship. Elevated levels of anxiety can compromise the immune system by weakening it and making…

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