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Say No to Shame and Yes to Therapy

by Kerri-Anne Brown, LMHC   “Therapy is for crazy people” said no one ever. Ok so maybe people have said that. But it’s so far from the truth. Therapy isn’t about making “not so normal” people “normal.” It’s for everyone! I believe that everyone could benefit from therapy at some point in their life. It’s…

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Overcoming Trauma with Counseling

Guest Post by Walter Benenati Debilitating injuries aren’t just physically disabling, but often emotionally traumatizing too. Indeed, those who suffer traumatic and acute injuries as the result of an accident are often left with mobility limitations ​and mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, high levels of stress, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. For all people…

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How To Shake The Perfection Infection

Building a lasting relationship involves having realistic expectations of yourself and your partner. In my years of working with couples, I’ve seen how having unrealistic expectations has caused great conflict and, in some cases, been responsible for the relationship’s demise. Being in a committed relationship means that you have decided to share your life with…

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Why You Need To Embrace Your Relationship Failures

Why You Need to Embrace Your Relationship Failures

A moment of truth here. I am somewhat technology challenged. I really am. It took me a while to even get a personal Facebook page. Recently, I celebrated what on the outside seemed like a really small success but felt like an immense accomplishment. For the longest time, I had been trying to figure out…

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6 Misconception About What Couples Therapy is Like

Whether you’ve been to couples counseling or not, you may have some perceptions of what you think it might be like. Maybe you’ve even been to couples counseling and had a negative experience. If that’s the case, that sucks and I’m really sorry about that. If you’re considering going to a counselor and find yourself…

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