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You Can Feel Connected Again!

You’ve been working on your relationship for some time now. You’ve been at it really hard in fact. The problem is you’re now feeling exhausted and frustrated from all this work and disappointed with the results of your efforts. You’re not afraid to do the work but how awesome would it be if you were actually getting the results you wanted?

“I just want to be happy and for us to feel close again." I hear this all the time. You used to feel so deeply connected and understood by your partner but now it feels like you don’t even know who they are anymore and it sucks. It feels like you’re growing further and further apart but you desperately want to find your way back to each other again. Relationships can sometimes get messy, but counseling can help you uncover the blocks that keep your relationship from thriving.

I use research-based methods in my work to teach couples how to give and get the kind of love they want in their relationship. I am a firm believer that you can design the type of relationship you’re hoping for and create lasting change. It’s not too late.

You deserve to have a relationship that encompasses all that is healthy and good. In our work together, I’ll teach you how to build the cornerstones of a healthy relationship that is rich with emotional intimacy.

Instead of looking for a person who checks all the boxes, focus on a person with whom you can imagine yourself writing a story with that entails edits and revisions.”

– Esther Perel

This is your story, your relationship. You are the expert and it’s about time that you start feeling that way. I’m simply here to equip you with the right tools to make your story epic because I feel you deserve nothing less.

Intensive Couples Counseling

Sometimes a hurting relationship needs more than just an hour a week with a therapist. I offer intensive couples counseling, also known as marathon counseling, that’s designed for couples who require in-depth counseling or may simply find themselves stuck and needing help progressing in their relationship.

These sessions take place over a 2-day period and are carefully tailored to your relationship needs, circumstances and strengths. Invest 12 hours of your week and receive 3 months’ worth of couples therapy. You'll receive practical skills you can begin using right away that can dramatically impact your relationship in an incredibly positive way.

This carefully designed approach frequently results in initial breakthroughs and long-term change. You’ll not only find yourself on the right track after an intensive, but you’ll receive practical knowledge and tools to help you stay there.

Invest in something today that your future relationship will thank you for. When you’re ready, contact me to schedule a phone consultation.